Jun 28 2011

Chilli & Don

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If you listen to MIX 107.3 then you have definitely heard of Chilli! She is the afternoon radio personality on MIX 107.3! Her blog is one of the Best out there! I highly recommend checking it out, and listening to Her and Carson in the afternoons from 3:00 to 7:00. They are an entertaining team in the afternoon! They make your long MD/DC/VA commute so much better!

Chilli and Don had a hard time deciding if they should get a video, and we were so honored that they chose Blue Sky Films! Their Closing Highlight Film really reflects the love and fun they had on their wedding day. Chilli looked dazzling in her gown, and it was so cool how they incorporated Chilli’s Armenian heritage in the ceremony and the dancing. Matt Mendelsohn took some insanely amazing pictures. Check them out on Chilli’s BlogThe Landsdowne Resort was such a beautiful location for the reception. We all loved her red, black, and white décor, and her beautiful bridal bouquet by Rick’s Flowers.

She wrote the most wonderful things about Blue Sky Films! Many thanks to Chilli & Don, and MIX 107.3!

Her listeners also wanted to see Her full first dance, since they took dance lessons to learn the Foxtrot. It’s no easy task to learn a new dance , and they did such a Great job! The guests at the wedding loved it!


Ceremony Location:  Saint Mary Armenian Apostolic Church

 Reception Location:  Lansdowne Resort

 Planner/Coordinator:  Lindsay Forseth at Lansdowne

 Photographer:  www.mattmendelsohn.net

 Gown by/Purchased At:  Demetrios/Macy’s Bridal Salon

 Hair:  www.updospecialist.com 

 Make Up:  www.blendevent.com

 Florist: www.Ricksflowers.com

 Music/Band/DJ: www.djgarret.com

 Cake By:  Edibles Incredible

 Honeymoon: Bora Bora

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Jun 14 2011

P.O.V. – Jamie Sears of Simply Chic Events

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It’s that time again for another P.O.V section. I sat down with Jamie Sears of Simply Chic Events. She had a lot of great tips to share!

Jamie Sears  

1) How did you get started in the industry?

After graduating with a degree in Event Management, I started my career in the events world doing corporate events. I enjoyed organizing corporate meetings and social events but knew that I ultimately wanted to plan weddings. It was the planning of my own wedding that gave me the inspiration and motivation to form Simply Chic. It’s hard to believe that was over five years and I’m now doing what I love most as a full time career!

2) What are the trends for 2011?

I was just talking with one my Associates about this the other day! While it isn’t really a trend, I think timeless elements are making a comeback. We’re seeing many of our clients gravitating towards a classic (still chic, of course!) look. We love wedding gowns with cap sleeves, lace, jazz bands and lush, romantic flowers. We really enjoy mixing old with new and putting a fresh twist on traditional elements. Timeless is always stylish!

I’m also seeing more use of muted colors such as grey, taupe and cream. One of my favorite color palettes of the year is grey and coral with touches of soft peach. I love the urban feel of grey mixed with vibrant pops of coral. The peach adds a touch of softness.

3) What inspires you?

I find inspiration everywhere! I love reading fashion, interior design and wedding blogs + magazines. I also find a great deal of inspiration in retail stores (everything from West Elm to Paper Source). I was in Anthropologie recently and their displays were so inspiring. My clients also really inspire me. I love getting to know them and listening to stories about how they met, where they became engaged and their hobbies. I’m always looking for ways to incorporate these personal elements into their wedding day.

4) Why should people hire a wedding planner?

I honestly believe that hiring a wedding planner is the gift that a couple can give to themselves throughout the planning process. The peace of mind that a wedding planner can provide is invaluable. Being engaged is exciting and I want my clients to be able to enjoy planning their wedding. When it comes to the day of the wedding, the most important thing is that the bride, groom and their families are able to relax and enjoy being guests.

A wedding planner will be able to recommend vendors to best fit their clients’ needs, personalities, style and budget. Receiving these referrals from a wedding planner is a huge time saver. A planner will also assist in maximizing the overall wedding budget, creating unique touches that will set their clients day apart and managing logistics on the wedding day.

5) What services do you offer?

We offer a wide range of services including full planning + event design, partial planning and “month of” planning. Each of our clients planning needs are different so we like to create a customized package for every couple.

6) What is your favorite moment of the weddings day?

I have two! First, I love seeing the groom’s face as his bride walk downs the aisle. It gets me every time! My other favorite moment is when setup has been complete and the vision has come to life. It’s an incredible feeling to see everything come together and to see the couple’s expression when they walk into their reception.

7) Can you tell us about your philosophy?

As simple as it sounds, my philosophy is to have fun and enjoy! I encourage my clients not to get caught up in the little details and lose sight of what’s most important. If things become stressful, take a step back and recharge. In the end, the day is about celebrating with all of the people who mean the most to the couple. The wedding day flies by in an instant so it’s important to be in the moment.

8) What is your favorite element in a wedding?

Cocktail Hour! (Really? Why?) I find that most couples are willing to step outside of the box and be creative in terms of décor, colors, music and food and beverage for their cocktail hour. Cocktail hour is a perfect opportunity to infuse personality and set the tone for a great party.

9) As a wedding planner, what is the best advice that you can offer brides and grooms on their

Have fun! Remember what is important to you and try to set aside the opinions others. Be true to yourself – it’s your day! I would also advise newly engaged couples to hire a wedding planner. In doing so, you will save endless amounts of time and frustration.

10) What do you dislike about weddings?

I dislike having to say goodbye to my clients. I work very closely with my clients and tend to become attached. The wedding day is so bittersweet for me. I love the happiness that comes on the wedding day but it’s an adjustment once the day is over.

11) After the wedding what do you hope your newlyweds take away from the wedding?

I hope the bride and groom can look back and they say wouldn’t have changed a thing. A client recently told me that her wedding day “was the best day of [her] life and more than [she] ever imagined it would be.” That’s what I wish for every bride and groom.

12) Why do you think it’s important to have a wedding video?

I think it’s important to have a wedding video for many reasons. Once the wedding day is over, photographs and video will allow you to relive the day for years to come. I also think that having a
video will allow couples to notice details and moments that they missed on their wedding day. Whether it’s an interaction between guests, the bride and groom’s reaction during the toasts, or sweet moments between the couple, this can only be captured on film. A video also captures the details that a couple doesn’t always get to see on their wedding day. So much time and thought goes into creating these elements so it’s nice to have them on video.

13) What do you do in your time off?

Recently, I’ve been really into redecorating my home. I’m enjoying painting and changing up the décor. I also love spending days off with my husband our two pugs.

14) What is your favorite memory from your wedding day?

I remember just being so happy to have all of our friends and family in the same place at the same time. We had the best time dancing and celebrating with all of our favorite people!

15) What was your first dance song at your wedding?

“I’ll Be,” by Edwin McCain. It’s a pretty song but we picked it on the fly!

16) What’s your favorite movie?

Definitely Wedding Crashers and Something’s Gotta Give. I can watch those movies over and over – they never get old!

17) Any last minute thoughts/tips?

I would encourage couples to personalize their day and infuse little details that represent their hobbies, places they have lived or traveled and/or their ethnicity. It’s these elements that will set the day apart and will leave a lasting impression. Guests will really appreciate these special personal touches!

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Apr 21 2011

Kelly and Ashkan

Kelly and Ashkan’s Director’s Cut is one of our favorites from last year. Simply put, their wedding was so moving and touching it makes me want to cry each time I watch this highlight. It might be all the wonderful words said about Kelly’s mom or all the smiles and LOVE that filled the day. We are always so excited to work with a couple so in love!

The Oatlands Plantation is always a spectacular backdrop for any wedding, especially for Kelly and Ashkan’s wedding. Together with Greg Gibson, David was able to get stunning shots despite the rain prior to ceremony! Hey! My grandfather always told me a little bit of rain makes for marriage that will last through the years. They couldn’t have been any more in love or more happy the entire wedding day, almost like it didn’t rain at all.

It was so wonderful how they tied so many of the details in the wedding. The Persian ceremony for Ashkan’s background, and the flower in Kelly’s hair that matched with the floral from the wedding. The ring bearer was so adorable, and the guest partied all night long to music by Chris Laich.

Kelly and Ashkan are an incredble couple with an amazing story to be told.

Ceremony & Reception:  Oatlands Plantation

Photographer:  Greg Gibson

Music:  Chris Laich Music Service

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Apr 06 2011

P.O.V. – Aimee Dominick of A. Dominick Events

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We decided to start a new section on our Blog! The P.O.V. section. That’s industry talk for Point of View, which we thought was a super fun tittle. Our first victim was Aimee Dominick of A. Dominick Events.

Aimee  Dominick

1)      How did you get started in the industry?

Definitely by accident. I finished culinary school, and was looking for a job cooking, and I knew a woman in NY who happened to be an event planner, but who had gone to culinary school. Her segment of the planning business was very much focused on the bride that wanted a celebrity chef at their wedding. So, I knew she worked a lot with Alfred Portale and Tom Colicchio was a good friend of hers. I sent her my resume, and asked her to pass it along to her chef friends, and tell them I will chop veggies and do grunt work. She said “Absolutely not!” She thought I should be a wedding planner. “ She knew I had a undergrad in fashion, and then went to culinary school. She thought that made total sense for planning. I was like “Absolutely not!  I don’t tie bows on things. I work in the kitchen.” So, she convinced me to give it a try for six months, and she said if I really didn’t like it she would help me to get a job in the kitchen. I committed six months to her, and ended up staying for two years. Then my Husband’s job brought us to DC, and that’s when I launched A. Dominick Events.

2)      What are the trends for 2011?

We are still seeing a lot of vintage looks, long tables, and missed matched plates and glassware. Coral and rhubarb colors will be big in 2011 and we are still seeing feather details.

3)      What inspires you?

I draw inspiration from lots of places. I read a lot of magazines, not just wedding magazines. Fashion magazines, architecture magazines, and food magazines for sure. It’s my hope to give advise on all aspects of the wedding not just the what color they should have, but what’s going on with the food as well. I’m also inspired by travel. I often find myself referencing a meal I had in New York or a Hotel in Palm Springs when describing my inspiration to a bride.

4)    Why should people hire a wedding planner?

That’s a great question. First and foremost to save the bride and groom money. Ultimately, what they spend on a wedding planner they will end up saving. They will come out at an equal place at the end of the day, but spend a lot less time on it, have fewer hassles, and hopefully stay employed and still engaged!  The thought of spending 20, 50, 100 grand and not getting a professional to guide you? It doesn’t make sense.

5)      Can you tell us about the different services that you offer?

Full Service, Partial, and a little of month of.

6)      What is your favorite moment of the wedding day?

My favorite moment of the day is when the bride and her dad are just about to go down the isle, the doors are still closed, they can’t even hear the music, and it’s literally just the two of them and me! It’s a very intense, intimate moment between the bride and her dad, and sometimes her mom too that I get to be a part of. It is such an honor.

 7) Can you tell us about your philosophy when it comes to planning a wedding?

It is not my wedding. I want for the bride’s tastes and sensibilities to come through. I really try to listen to the bride and groom about what’s important to them, what their hobbies are, what their interests are, so we are able to bring that to the event. The philosophy of our office is to provide superb service, every day.

8) What is your favorite element to plan for a wedding?

I like all of it. I think that’s why we do full service most often. I like having a hand in every part of the process. Making sure that it’s cohesive so things don’t feel disjointed. My favorite day of the wedding planning is when we do the sample table and the tasting. I think that day is so fun. We try to do the sample table and the tasting on the same day, because it’s really like the dress rehearsal for the bride and groom. Sit down at your table with your flowers, try your food – really get to see what it’s going to be like.For the bride and groom it’s really a calm, fun way to eat the food, and get to experience what the day will be like, because on the wedding day they are so busy and overwhelmed. It makes it hard to experience some of those things.   (so true!)

9) As a wedding planner, what is the best advice that you can offer bride and grooms as they plan   their weddings?

Relax- It’s Just A Party! It’s a celebration, it’s a happy thing. The hard part, I say to Brides is finding the groom. The wedding, and by extension the planning is suppose to be good time. Sometimes you get so hung up on things that you shouldn’t like trying to out do your friends. It’s important to just remember why you are there and to keep that in focus.

10) What is the hardest part of the planning process?

One of the hardest parts for us is how we transition out of the relationship with the bride, because we have been so close for so many months. We have been brought into this really close circle of things. We know about their finances and their family dynamics. We know so many personal things about them and are so involved then the wedding is over. So, the hardest thing is letting go. The first few weddings I planned as the lead planner in NY, I actually took the binders home and kept them in my apartment. I couldn’t bear to put them in storage. They were like my babies! Now, we always do at least one follow up meeting after the wedding – get together for lunch, look at the pictures and talk about the wedding. Some of my best friends are actually former clients.

11) After the wedding what do you hope your newlyweds take away from the wedding?

My wedding day was incredibly joyful. I remember standing on the dance floor, and looking around at all the people. At that moment everyone I really loved was there and was happy. That incredible amount of joy I felt. I felt pretty and lucky. I just want every bride to get to have that.

12) Why do you think it’s important to have a wedding video?

Let me count the ways.  First, for your ceremony.  You are nervous and emotional.  For your vows, even if you know what they are in advance, you don’t even know you are saying them. You don’t remember what the readings sound like.  I just felt like it was such an out of body experience.  It felt like I couldn’t absorb what was happening.  So, for that moment, the video was so important.  To get to relive that.

Secondly, I want my little girl to watch my wedding video.  To see when we were young and skinny.

Thirdly, I lost my Mom to cancer last year.  I literally just watched my wedding video last weekend, because I wanted to see her toast.  I can’t tell you how good it is to see my mom so happy that day.

 I literally grinned from ear to ear in the whole video.  You don’t realize how happy you are . My cheeks hurt!  I couldn’t understand why my cheeks hurt when I got to the honeymoon. When I looked through the video I understood why.

13) What do you do in your off time?

What time off??  I have nineteen-month-old little girl and an amazing husband.  Whatever down time I have I spend it with them.  I still like to cook.  Being a newer Mom, I like to play with her. Not as sophisticated an answer as it would have been two years ago.  It’s funny how your priorities change.  It is good day when my little girl laughs a lot.

 14) What was the favorite moment of your wedding day?

Being on the dance floor and dancing with everyone I loved.

15) What was your first dance song at your wedding?

David Grey – This Years Love

I wished I would had told the band to shorten it a little. The band did an amazing job with it, but they played the whole thing. I didn’t do a very good job during the dance, because I got really nervousIt felt like it was forever. That’s one thing I always tell our Brides, maybe we should shorten the dance just a little.

16) What is favorite movie?

Sixteen Candles (Yes, one of my favorites as well!) I love that part where Molly Ringwald says “Me”, and Jake Ryan says “Yeah You”.  Every girl wants her Jake Ryan.

17) Any last minutes thoughts/tips?

Smaller bridal parties are less work for the bride. If you are going to hire a planner, don’t sign contracts with vendors until you hire the planner. I’m at a disadvantage when the Bride comes to me with all of her contracts signed. I could have saved her a lot of money. The Rehearsal dinner is the Mother-in-law’s party. You have to just let it go! That was a hard one for me! I was like “I’m a Planner. This is my weekend.” My Mother in Law said “No, it’s not your weekend. Friday is my night”.  (LOL So True!)

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Mar 29 2011

5D Demo

We wanted to put up some of our favorite 5D work we filmed in the past couple of months! What is the Canon 5D Mark II you ask?

The Canon 5D Mark II gives you an image that I have never seen in any other video camera. It delivers in the two areas that I thought other video cameras couldn’t compete, texture, and depth of field. The texture of the video is so beautiful, that I dare to say, it’s very close to film. Because the camera is a DSLR, you have the advantage of changing lenses. This basically allows you to use the best lenses at your disposal, which means achieving shallow depth of field, which was not possible before. Most experience users, specially in Hollywood, make some changes in order to use cine style lenses.

Our remarkable team at Blue Sky Films filmed these weddings included in our demo!

Grace and Luca – November 20th - Planner, Christine Godsey of Engaging Affairs - Photographer, Greg Gibson - The Hay Adams - National Women in the Arts Museum

Samantha and Izzy – January 7th – Punta Cana, Dominican Republic - Photographer, Eli Turner Studios

Kimberly and William - October 16th - Coordinator, Aimee Dominick - Photographer, Ralph AlswangSt. Matthew’s ChurchFour Seasons

Greta and Shameet – November 28th – Coordinator, Ameey Patel – Photographer, Srinu and Amy of Regeti’s PhotographyRenaissance Washington

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